End-to-End Modernization and Technology Innovation

Wekan helps companies grow by modernizing their most critical legacy and on-premise applications, migrating them to the cloud and leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies.

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Why Modernization is Needed

Cloud Adoption helps companies make better business decisions by allowing access to real-time data across the organization. Migration towards cloud solutions and modern technologies, allows these companies to reduce the TCO of their technology infrastructure and drive ROI improvements on their technology investments.


Barriers to Innovation

  • No cloud connectivity
  • No real-time data
  • Limited integration capabilities
  • Limited scalability


  • Reduced developer productivity
  • Long deployment cycles
  • Slow time-to-market
  • Inadequate and fragmented system knowledge


  • Rising costs of legacy upkeep
  • Outdated developer skill sets
  • Training & reskilling costs
  • High dependencies on specialist-roles

Benefits of Modernization

Through leveraging contemporary modernization options, enterprises can transform their legacy IT systems for the digital era without replacing them. WeKan helps customers identify, evaluate and execute on end-to-end modernization opportunities that can have quantifiable business impact for these companies. Below are some of the benefits of modernization:


Foster Innovation

  • Increased processing & computing power
  • Interoperability across apps
  • Data acceleration & access
  • Automation, AI & machine learning

Optimize TCO & ROI

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the user experience
  • Increase revenue
  • Support regulatory compliance & added security


  • Accelerate deployment
  • Enable staff upskilling
  • Reduce the skill gap
  • Reduce individual dependencies

Our Services

With a strong focus on Cloud, Mobile and IoT environments, we help companies assess, prioritize and execute on the redesign of their technology infrastructure providing a roadmap on delivery. Areas of focus are:

Mobile Modernization

We help customers move away from legacy mobile solutions to use MongoDB Realm. This includes replatforming an existing legacy mobile application or building out a new mobile application.

Data Ecosystem Modernization

By leveraging the most cutting-edge technology solutions, we help companies optimize their Data Ecosystem providing them access to increased data availability and acceleration across their organization.

Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

We help customers implement complete edge to cloud solutions using MongoDB Realm and MongoDB Atlas. This includes replatforming existing legacy solutions, building out new applications and modernizing the overall technology ecosystem.

MVP Program

We enable customers with the capability to quickly turnaround minimum viable products across mobile, cloud and IoT environments that could deliver increased value to the business and its customers.

Continuous Development Services

Whether you’re building your product from scratch or continuing to develop an existing product. We can help you reach your goals.


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